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*Findlay Market in OTR at  The Epicurean Mercantile Co.

 *Susan’s Natural World in Eastgate        Susan’s Natural World

*Harvest Market in Milford   Harvest Market


Ohio Valley Food Connection      

~Simply order and pick up at any of 5 locations in the tri-state (no minimum)

Wise Fermented Veggies

We use only organically grown vegetables, and local when possible. The vegetables (cabbage, carrots and garlic) are raw, chopped by hand in small batches, lacto-fermented using a salt brine and NO vinegar.  Not only are you taking in the living probiotic, you are also receiving a host of digestive enzymes to aid in ultimate digestion.  Enjoy on salads, crackers, sandwiches or straight out of the jar. Any leftover liquid can be used in dressings or marinades (instead of vinegar).

Wise Cashew Butter

This is cashew butter with a twist! It’s naturally sweet from the raw cashews but also savory from the addition of sun dried tomatoes, garlic, rosemary and sea salt. It’s completely addicting and goes perfectly with my flaxseed crackers and garlicky cabbage (fermented veggies). You can also cook with it! Substitute peanut butter in your favorite Thai recipe or simply stuff mushrooms or peppers to eat raw or grilled. It’s high in protein, fiber and healthy fats and low in carbohydrates!

Wise Flax Seed Crackers

Wise Flaxseed Crackers are gluten, grain, dairy, corn, nut and soy free.  This means there is no flour what so ever! These make for a delicious, crunchy and light cracker, perfect for someone who has food allergies or for anyone who is trying to clean up their diet. They are high in Omega 3’s, protein and fiber, but low in carbs. But, unbelievably, they taste great, too! These are both Vegan and Paleo friendly!


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