Coconut Oil “Pulling”

Oil pulling is, by far, one of my favorite detox tools and it is so easy to do. Oil pulling or oil swishing removes unwanted bacteria and yeast from the mouth, which is critical considering germs from your mouth travel through your digestive system and lead to health complications and infections. Unbelievably, it will also help to whiten your teeth, tighten up your gums and help with bad breath!  A healthy mouth typically equals an healthy body!

You can use coconut oil or sesame oil for oil pulling. To start, put 1-2 tablespoons of oil in your mouth and swish the oil for 5-20 minutes. Then, spit the oil into the trash to avoid it hardening and clogging up your sink. Rinse your mouth with water and sea salt then brush your teeth. For more Detox tools and all new spring recipes, sign up for the brand new Simple Spring Detox!

Happy Pulling!