FERMENTATION 101: Brewing your own Kombucha!

Have you ever been sipping on Kombucha and wonder just how this delicious tea is made? Are you tired of spending over $3.00 a bottle from the grocery? Do you want to learn more about the benefits of fermented foods and drinks?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then this informative and interactive class is for you! See just how easy it is to safely brew your own Kombucha!

What you receive during this class:

*A tasting of hand crafted brews, Fermented Vegetables and snacks

*Your own “Kombucha Kit” filled with everything you need to Brew your own batch:  A fermentation vessel, Scoby,      starter “Booch”, Organic Tea, and sugar

* A handout of Simple recipes for not only the tea, but also dressings and even COCKTAILS!

*A chance to ask all of your burning questions about Kombucha

*The endless benefits of Fermented Foods and drinks

Contact me for pricing and the option of having your own class in your home!

Tiffany Wise, CHHC