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Mom’s Massage Special

me and mommaWhat can you possibly give your Mom to tell her how much you appreciate and love her? Or your wife, who is the best Mom ever!  
I work with a lot of Moms! I know that some quiet time filled with a bit of pampering and rejuvenation is just what the Doctor ordered!  This is my gift to all the Mommas out there(“Fur Mommas” included) and to YOU for treating her right! From now until Mother’s Day, I will be offering $20 off my 60 minute massage and $30 off my 90 minute massage. So either $50 for 60 minutes or $70 for 90 minutes! Oh, and if you are a Mom, you can also buy one for yourself! YOU DESERVE IT!

*This is also includes moist heat packs, essential oils and hot stones! (Limit 3 per person, please.)



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