I am so excited to finally introduce you to The Healing Kitchen! This is my “small batch and made from scratch” brand of food!  I am using the Findlay Market Incubator Kitchen in downtown, Cincinnati.  I am acquiring only the highest quality of ingredients, from local farmers through Ohio Valley Food Connection. All of my products are Organic, Grain-Free, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Soy-Free and Non- GMO.   I am starting out with a few of my favorites:  Fermented Vegetables, Flaxseed Crackers,  Savory Cashew Butter, Sweet Cashew Butter, and Kale Chips upon request!
Right now you can find these products at:  Dirt: A Modern Market, and
Natural Life Nutrition Shoppe.

You can also order on line at http://www.ohiovalleyfood.com/ . This is a fabulous on line store to get the freshest and local foods!
Fridays, I am a vendor at Lettuce Eat Well Farmers Market on the west side from 3-7.  You can get directions and dates for Winter Market here: http://www.lewfm.org/
You can also find my Almond Butter on the menu at The Cake Rack Bakery in Findlay Market and my Wise Flax Seed Crackers on the menu at Crafts and Vines, serving local craft beers and wines. You can find them here on https://www.facebook.com/CraftsandVines/?fref=ts .

I’m hoping to make it easy for you to grab really tasty, healthy and beneficial foods and drinks and make them a part of your daily rituals. In essence, it’s my way of making it easier for you to live a healthier and happier lifestyle!  If you would like to place a bulk order, or have any questions or requests, please email me @ wiseroad8@gmail.com 

The Healing Kitchen is a supplement to you becoming your HEALTHIEST SELF.

I’ve seen many clients that really want to transform and give up sugar or “eat cleaner” but lack the time and energy to cook and prepare items themselves. I understand. Life is busy. Unfortunately these nutrient dense foods shouldn’t be missed and replaced by processed and packaged foods. The Standard American Diet is only making adults and children sick and suffer from more disease. If we can all work together and stop buying the crap in the stores that they sell as “food-like substances” and start eating real, whole food, the demand will change.
Your health is truly in your hands when it comes to food. Yes, we all have different genes and different backgrounds. But one thing is for sure: THE FOOD YOU PUT INTO YOUR BODY BECOMES YOUR CELLS.  With each food that you eat, you are either fueling your body or inflaming it.  Fuel or flame. Yes, there is a balance and it’s about making small changes. It starts with being mindful of what is in the food that you are eating. Starting with these foods can truly make a difference in your diet and in protecting your health right now and in the future. Wise products Luckily, there is a huge grass roots movement going on as we speak. There are a lot of people out there like myself, who want to make good food more readily available for all to thrive.  we are talking about good food grown locally and sustainable. The fast food chains are being forced out or forced to change.  We are on the verge of something big and you can be a part of it! We need to set the precedent for our children and our children’s children. 
So I hope you will join me. Come down to the Market. Or go to your local market. Try these small batch foods and give your local community a pat on the back. After all, we are all in charge of forming and creating the reality that we can truly thrive in.  These foods can help to open a door to healing and supporting the body as it should function. Just as these foods can help support the community coming together and possibly help it heal, as well.
Please let me know your thoughts! I need your help! If you know of  a store or restaurant that may be interested in carrying any of my products, or if YOU would like to try some of them yourself, please let me know.  I would be happy to show up with samples! 

For more details on how to order, please go to “where to shop” section above!
As always, happy eating!